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Sea Quest Maritime Training, Inc. shall establish a sustainable training and assessment regimen designed to continuously upgrade the performance of seafarers through the study and exercise of occupational procedures as well as actual work operations to achieve competence at par with national and international standards.

We shall provide specialized task-oriented programs with training/learing schemes and assessment approach applicable to the actual work functions in all levels of responsibilities onboard.



Our Vision is for SQMTI to emerge as a bastion for the development of skilled workers and a consistent source of highly competitive shore and shipboard personnel.



The company believes in the vital role of training and assessment in quality development and improvement of work performance. In line with the mission of the company, it guarantees to fulfill its function and achieve the following objectives:

– To satisfy all basic and specialized training and assessment needs specific to the client’s requirements consistent with established national / international training and assessment standards.

– To organize the training and assessment programs relevant to the actual work functions in all levels of responsibilities aboardship and set-up instruction systems with evaluation and assessment methods and procedures in order to bring as near as practicable the shipboard work practice to the training and assessment environment enabling the participants to experience a resemblance to the actual work scenario.

– To incorporate relevant statutory and regulatory requirement in the actual work operations and professional work procedures and methods in all training courses and conduct of assessment as an integral part of the whole knowledge and practice of the professional work tasks.

– To plan and organize a continuous personnel development training program.

– To consistently update update the shipboard work practice of the seafarers of the seafarers through periodic revision of the training and assessment system as a whole.