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To prescribe standards and procedures in full compliance with requirements of STCW Chapter II for mandatory minimum requirements for examination, assessment and certification of Officer-in-charge of a Navigational Watch (OIC-NW) on a seagoing ship of 500 gross tonnage or more.

To streamline the examination, assessment, licensing and certification processes by ensuring that all candidates for the Officer-in-charge of a Navigational Watch (OIC-NW) are adequately equipped and are in full compliance with the requirements of STCW, as amended.


Apply to all candidates for certification as Officer-in-charge of a Navigational Watch (OIC-NW) on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more

Assessment Duration: 1 day

Schedule: EVERY WEEK

(MON-Familiarization, TUE-Practical) – 2 days
(WED-Familiarization, THUR-Practical) – 2 days


MARINA-STCW Circular 2014-08



MARINA (Maritime Industry Authority) STCW Office – Republic of the Philippines


1. Every candidate for practical assessment of competence as Officer-in-charge of Navigational Watch (OIC-NW) on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more shall submit the following to the approved institution.

For competences under Function 1 and 3, proof of successful completion of SSBT with BRM (IMO Model Course 1.22); and

For competencies under Function 2, proof of successful completion of approved education and training program complying with the standard of competence under STCW 2010 Amendments, through the transcript of records from an MHEI, or an approved training program related thereto;

2. Every Candidate shall be pre-registered in the SCS for the the practical assessment to be valid.


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Assessee who successfully completed and passed the assessment thereof, shall be issued a Certificate of Assessment

Practical Assessment Competencies:

Time allocated
Passing %
F1-C1 Plan and conduct a passage and determine position
30 mins
F1-C2 Maintain a safe navigational watch
30 mins
F1-C5 Respond to emergencies
20 mins
F1-C6 Respond to a distress signal at sea
10 mins
F1-C9 Manoeuvre the ship
30 mins
F2-C10 Monitor the loading, stowage, securing and care during the voyage and the unloading of cargoes
50 mins
F3-C18 Application of leadership and teamworking skills
30 mins